Rita Melendez, PhD

Rita M

Research Faculty, La FamiliaThe Online Health Records ProjectProyecto Accesso and Transgender Risk and HIVrmelende@sfsu.edu

Dr. Melendez is a sociologist who has been working in HIV prevention and treatment since receiving her Ph.D. from Yale University in 2001. She received a National Research Service Award Research Training Fellowship for Behavioral Sciences Research in HIV and completed a Post-Doctoral research fellowship in Sexuality and HIV at Columbia University’s HIV Center for Behavioral and Clinical studies under the mentorship of Dr. Anke Ehrhardt. There, she received a Master’s Degree in Biostatistics from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. She specializes in combining her qualitative sociological training and her quantitative skills and focuses on HIV issues relating to the gender and culture of racial and ethnic minorities in the US. As part of her training, she partook in Columbia University, School of Social Work’s HISTP (HIV Intervention Science Training Program; R25MH080665, PI: Nabila El-Bassel) where she received extensive training on conducting research with people of color as well as the challenges and skills that minority researchers face in conducting HIV research. As part of SFSU since 2004, Dr. Melendez has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in the Sexuality Studies Department. Her teaching evaluations indicate the students appreciate her knowledge and focus on issues relating to race and ethnicity. Dr. Melendez’s research focusses on the Latina/o community, specifically heterosexual women and MSM. She is currently the PI of a qualitative study that collected data from 127 recent Latino immigrants who are HIV-positive (funded through the California HIV Research Project, CHRP). The study interviewed participants at two time points to inquire about health, access to care, barriers and facilitators to care including relationships, family, sexual orientation and identity. Her work links quantitative and qualitative methods and links HIV care with broader contextual issues relating to sexuality.


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