Erica Boas, PhD


Affiliated Faculty,

Dr. Erica Misako Boas is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Liberal Studies Program at Santa Clara University. She studies sexuality and race and their articulations within institutions of schooling. She is currently working with CREGS affiliated faculty Dr. Jason Laker on a research project, Sexual Coercion and Violence in College: Reforming Policies and Practicies for Consent Education and Personal Agency. She is also currently working on a project that examines the organization of sexuality in elementary schools. It was inspired by five years of teaching at San Francisco Bay Area public elementary schools and an on-going interest in exploring public schooling’s potential in effecting personal and social transformations. Her research explores how sexuality organizes human lives as an operation of power, and she is constantly in search of ways to implement new approaches toward the elimination of sexual violence within schools and beyond. Erica received her Ph.D. from the Social and Cultural Studies Program in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California at Berkeley. Her article, “Education in Disguise: Sanctioning Sexuality in Elementary School Halloween celebrations” is published in the journal Sex Education. She has also written a chapter in Sexualities and Education and has a co-authored chapter in Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education.

To learn more about Dr. Boas work with CREGS affiliated faculty member Dr. Jason Laker on sexual coercion, violence, and consent in college, please visit Consent Stories.