The Schedule for the Summer Institute

The Schedule for the Summer Institute

This year’s Summer Institute on Sexuality focuses on Sexuality, Activism, and Social Justice, and we have an incredible line-up of speakers. Check it out!


It includes amazing sessions:

  • Neighborhoods and HIV in San Francisco: a case study of interdisciplinary mixed methods research on place and health
  • Sexual Health among LGBT Communities in Lebanon: How HIV Prevention Programs Impact the Movement of “Key Populations”
  • Beyond Death: Race, Sexuality, and Black Gay activism n Early Era of AIDS
  • Public Distraction & LGBTQ Movement Conflict in the Bathroom Bills Era
  • Witches in the Street, Monsters in the Sheets
  • LGBTQ Social Justice Advocacy in Conservative Times: How to Move Institutions that Don’t Want to Be Moved
  • What Does Asexuality Teach Us about Social Justice?
  • Global Queers: Biopolitics, Queer Epistemologies, and Social Change
  • … and more!

And phenomenal speakers, such as:

  • Alexis Martinez
  • Colleen Hoff
  • Cynthia El Khoury
  • Darius Bost
  • Javon Johnson
  • Jen Reck
  • Sarolta Cump
  • Aaron Belkin
  • Andre Shakti
  • Ianna Owen
  • Jennifer Glick
  • Julia Serano
  • KJ Cerankowski
  • Maya Sen
  • Nikki Darling
  • Richard Sprott
  • Viktor Belmont
  • Nico Orlandi

Writer, scholar, and activist Julia Serano will be delivering a special keynote on Friday, June 2 titled Sexuality, Sexualization, and Self-Examining Desire. Can’t make it to the rest of the Institute? Don’t worry, you can still come to the keynote! Contact to arrange it.