Summer Institute Financial Information


Weekend Program: $300 per participant (including $25 application fee)

Week-long Program: $500 per participant (including $25 application fee)

Single Session: $75


CREGS offers a limited number of partial scholarships, awarded at the discretion of CREGS SI Staff. We encourage SI participants to fund raise from other sources. All applicants are welcome to apply for scholarships. In order to support access for people who are often denied access to educational opportunities, we will give priority to applicants with significant financial need, people of color, and applicants who are transgender/gender-variant (inclusive).

We have a separate application for scholarships and we encourage those interested to complete the application early, as we have limited funding.

Our scholarship application is open now.

Here are some external organizations that offer scholarships:

Third Wave Foundation

More to come soon.


We encourage Summer institute participants to fundraise from multiple sources.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Money

Asking for funds can often be hard, but you would be surprised how well it can work. For best results, keep your asks polite and specific.You won’t know until you ask!

If you are a student currently enrolled in school, we recommend that you check with your Academic Department for funding opportunities.

Often times employers have money set aside for educational training. Ask your boss if they could help you attend the Summer Institute.

14 for $14 Campaign

In honor of the 14th Annual Summer Institute we encourage you to start a 14 for $14 campaign to raise $196 (over two thirds of  the weekend registration and almost half of the week-long registration). Here is how you do it!

1. Make a list of 14 friends or family members who you think would support your education at the Summer Institute.

2. Check out our sample letter here and personalize it for your friends and family.

3. Send the letters with a self-addressed, stamped return envelope enclosed

4. Write Thank-you notes to all your donors!k We recommend following up with them after the Institute as well.

Tips for Saving

Check back soon for some money saving tips.

Check out this great blog with 100 Great Tips for Saving Money.