Panel: Being Trans and Under 30 in the San Francisco Bay Area

Panel: Being Trans and Under 30 in the San Francisco Bay Area

When & Where:

CREGS will be hosting a Panel on December 10th from 6pm – 7:30pm at the Downtown SFSU Campus, 835 Market Street, on the 6th floor, Room #609.


Our Panelists will be discussing issues surrounding the younger generation of Transgender and Transsexual community such as misrepresentation, lack of social and political rights, institutional protection, and voice. There will be a 30 minute Question & Answer segment following the discussion where ideas of what can be done to end injustices will be shared with the audience. Attendance is free and light refreshments will be provided.

Meet the Panelists:

Anya Helena Zeitgeist

I never grew up, but I became a woman, for my true life began a few years ago when I began to live as me, and not the walking costume I had been expected to be. Unveiling myself came with greater tribulation that I expected; however I earned the greatest treasure: living my life completely as me. Through my darkest times, I learned the importance of believing in the impossible, the preciousness of the loving emotional bonds we encounter, and the beauty of standing back up after falling. From the streets to the stage, I overcame every obstacle thrown my way, always remembering that every day is mine to win.

 Micah Rajunov, Panelist for "Trans and Under 30" December 10th


Micah is an awesome little person. A native of Mexico City, Micah now resides in San Francisco, sustained by a day job in the startup web-tech industry. Fueling their passion for anything trans* and gender through online research and offline advocacy, Micah volunteers for the SF LGBTQ Speaker’s Bureau, blogs at, presents at lots of transgender conferences, takes “strange and unusual” as a complement, and is a closet idealist.

Solomon Butch Greenblatt

Solomon Greenblatt is 28 years old, earned a Masters in Nursing from USF, is currently working as a Health Educator II at a school based health center in Oakland, CA and volunteers as a triage RN at The St. James Infirmary. Sol has been involved with the queer porn and sex worker community for a few years. He identifies as a queer man of transgender experience, had been on testosterone for over 10 years, and has also medically transitioned through various surgeries. While being transgender affects his everyday life, he is much more than a gender identity.

Nick Hartfield

Nick Hartfield is a public school teacher in Oakland, California.  Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Nick moved to the Bay Area in 2005 to attend Stanford University, where he received his undergraduate degree in Human Biology and was an employee for the campus LGBT center.  Nick worked in nonprofit technology after graduation and recently joined Teach For America, where he is a 2011 Corps Member teaching science to 250 amazing K-5 students in Oakland.

Jetta Rae Robertson

Jetta Rae Robertson (aka Black Dahlia Parton) is a performance artist, advice columnist, and musician currently residing in Redwood City, CA. Jetta co-starred in “Stuff Cis People Say To Trans People” and was a viral e-lebrity for a hot minute when she challenged Dan Savage to a wrestling match. She is the current Bay Area Arm Wrestling Ladies champion and World LGBT Wrestling Champion. She co-authored the zine Trans Women Belong Everywhere. She’s a libra. She thinks.

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