Sex-Positive Parenting Workshop Series

Join us for a series of 3, 90-minute interactive workshops with the overarching title of Sex-Positive Parenting; Strategies and Support for Families!! Each workshop is stand alone with a specific focus, but taken together are a comprehensive curriculum. Come join us and strengthen your parent-child bond while raising a new generation that is healthy and aware!


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$50 for all 3 workshops purchased in advance here.


Wednesday October 10th 5:30-7pm “What is Sex-Positive Parenting?”

Being a sex-positive parent means we expect to be the family expert on sexuality. In this workshop, you will learn how to maintain a non-punitive stance toward sexuality, demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about sexuality, and how to model boundaries and consent.

Wednesday October 24th 5:30-7pm “Walking the Sex-Positive Talk”

This workshop is designed for parents who want to learn how to convey their own lived experiences of both gender and sexuality to their own children. Learn how you can replace larger cultural scripts that are inherently sex-negative with age-appropriate messages that are inclusive to sexual diversity.

Wednesday November 7th 5:30-7pm “What to say and When to say it”

Strategies for age-appropriate conversations about sexuality and desire. Learn the different developmental stages of sexuality and what conversations you can expect to have as your child grows. We will also role play, practice and share strategies on when to have the little conversations that add up to a solid foundation of sexuality education.

Trainer Bio:

Airial Clark is a San Francisco Bay Area-based parenting expert and sexologist. After receiving a bachelor’s  degree in both Anthropology and English Literature at U.C. Berkeley, she was offered admission to the only human sexuality master’s program in the U.S. at San Francisco State University. She completed research for her master’s thesis on race, family structures parenting and alternative sexuality in 2012, all the while raising her two sons as a single parent, who are now pre-teens.

Ms. Clark is a contributing writer for several award-winning online media outlets including the Good Vibrations Magazine, Shades Magazine, Oakland Local and Fearless Press where she writes on the intersections of  parenting and sexuality. She has been interviewed as a parenting expert for international radio programs such as Sex Talk With Monika and Sexxx Talk Radio.  In collaboration with organizations, including the Center for Sex and Culture, Airial has led workshops where she provides parents and caregivers with the tools they need to become the resident sexuality expert for their families. Currently, Airial is launching her first book tour and workshop series starting in February 2013.

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