SI Application

2016 SI Applications are not open yet. 

The application is open to anyone interested in attending regardless of previous experience in sexuality education.

In order to complete your application, you will need to pay your application fee. You have two payment options: online via credit card/electronic check or by mail via check/money order. Your application will not be reviewed until proof of application fee payment is received. You will receive more information about how to pay at the end of the application. Please follow payment directions carefully.

Payment and Refund Policies:

If your check is not paid by the bank, you are still responsible for all non-refundable deposits and bank fees, regardless of whether you cancel your registration. No full refunds are available. Partial refunds can be obtained by submitting a refund request form. You may receive a 50% refund if requested by June 18, 2014. Effective date of a refund is the day the request is received by CREGS. Credit cards cannot be credited. All refunds will be issued by check and are mailed to participants approximately six weeks after the Refund Request Form is received. Refund request forms can be obtained by emailing Tobie Klibansky at