Call for Presenters

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the CREGS Summer Institute on Sexuality!

The theme in 2018 is Women’s Sexual Health & Wellness.

We are specifically interested in presentations addressing the intersectional identities of “women,” social justice, sexual health, and cutting edge research. We are interested in contemporary and foundational issues in gender and sexuality studies, and in selecting presentations which reach a broad audience of students, educators, advocates, service providers, and professionals.

Presentations that include a focus on trans women, women of color, nonbinary women, sex workers, immigrant women, and other intersectional women’s identities which are underrepresented are particularly desired.

The 2018 SI will have 35-50 participants, many of whom will be undergraduate or graduate students, adjunct faculty in sexuality studies, or otherwise academically inclined. Others will be sex educators and people from community based organizations.


* Workshop or lecture presentation
* Slideshow or audio/video presentations are optional but not required
* 1 hour time slots
* Available in person in San Francisco between June 5-9, 2018, 9am-5pm (If you are only available during part of that time period, for example only June 8th or 9th, or only after 12pm, please note this in your proposal submission.)

Compensation — each presenter will receive:

* Honorarium of $200
* Free 5-day admission to the 2018 Summer Institute (value $800)
* One day-long ticket to gift to a friend or colleague (value $200)
* Mention in our social media and newsletter
* Interview featured in our Institute program and on our website

Please note: We are not able to compensate any speakers for travel or lodging expenses.

If you waive your fee:

We are a small non-profit operating on grant and donation money. Many of our speakers choose to waive their fee to support our work. We recognize that everyone’s time and expertise is valuable. If you decide to waive your fee, it will enable us to provide more scholarship assistance to participants of color, those with economic hardship, and who identify as LGBTQI. Please consider waving your fee if (and only if) it would not be a hardship for you.


* International speakers may be subject to an additional tax. Please contact us if you are not a US citizen and we will discuss this with you further.

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