SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau

CREGS has recently partnered with the SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau. In addition to the several staff that volunteer with the bureau, CREGS has a student internship dedicated to assisting with program planning, evaluation, and social media.

Learn more about the SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau here.

What We Do

2015 class of speakers!

2015 Speaker’s Bureau class

A typical speaking engagement includes two speakers who open by briefly explaining our program, and giving a few guidelines for the presentation. Speakers then provide a bit of background about themselves: upbringing, hobbies, career, life experiences, etc. From there, the rest of the time is committed to answering audience questions, which usually includes in-depth, open discussions about terminology, stereotypes, and the speaker’s personal experiences. Each presentation is as unique as the audience and the individual speakers, and our speakers are able to adapt to a wide variety of settings and audiences. They conclude with having the students fill out written evaluation forms. The presentations are approximately one hour.

SF LGBT Speakers Bureau Mission Statement

The San Francisco LGBTQ Speakers Bureau aims to bring an end to homophobic and transphobic violence and harassment by educating people about the everyday lives of those in our community. We believe that through open and honest dialogue about issues pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity, we can help foster a greater understanding of our common humanity, which in turn will result in healthier, safer communities for everyone.

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Happy Harvey Milk Day!

Did you know the San Francisco LGBTQ Speakers Bureau's history shares roots with Harvey Milk's?

• History •
The Speakers Bureau was founded in 1978 by Tom Ammiano and Hank Wilson in direct response the Briggs Initiative, a statewide ballot proposition seeking to ban gays and lesbians, and possibly anyone who supported gay rights, from working in California’s public schools.

While this initiative was defeated—due in large part to work done by openly gay San Francisco politician Harvey Milk—it was clear to Ammiano and Wilson, both of whom were gay teachers with San Francisco Unified School District, that humanizing queer people to students was crucial to helping stop homophobic violence.

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"If you're a young Latinx and you're afraid to come out, if you're afraid to live: it is okay to be who you are. Truly love yourself." <3 ... See MoreSee Less

This Latina is the first transgender mariachi performer and she is killing it!

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"You are beautiful, you are brilliant, and you are worthy of love."
#TDOV #KindComments
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To celebrate the International Day of Transgender Visibility, Instagram and GLAAD partnered up to surprise some leaders in the trans community with kind messages.

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Support your sisters, not just cis-ters* . *cisgender sisters Cisgender: a person who identifies with the sex they were assigned at birth. #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2017

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Last night's episode of ABC Television Network When We Rise made a couple references to the Compton's Cafeteria Riot
in San Francisco, California - three years before Stonewalll.

Know [Y]our History.

Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria

It’s a hot August night in San Francisco in 1966. When a surly cop, accustomed to manhandling Compton’s clientele, attempts to arrest one of the queens, she throws her coffee in his face. Mayhem erupts — windows break, furniture flies through the air. Police reinforcements arrive, and the fighting spills into the street.

For everyone at Compton’s that night, one thing was certain — things would never be the same again.

#WhenWeRise #ComptonsCafeteria

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San Francisco LGBTQ Speakers Bureau shared ABC News's Tarell Alvin McCraney Accepts Oscar for Moonlight. ... See MoreSee Less

"This goes out to all those black and brown boys, girls and non-gender conforming who don't see themselves... this is for you." - Tarell Alvin McCraney following win for 'Moonlight.' #Oscars abcn.ws/2mBdhyE

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History of the SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau

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