Gay Couples Study Team Members Located Offsite

Lynae Darbes, Co-Investigator

Lynae Darbes, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF. Dr. Darbes is Principal Investigator of a study of voluntary counseling and testing for HIV for heterosexual couples in South Africa, while active in all aspects of the Gay Couples Study. In general, Dr. Darbes’ research is focused on the influence that partners may have on each other’s health behavior. In addition, she is interested in innovative dyadic data analysis techniques. In addition to her work with the Gay Couples Study, she collaborates on studies exploring adherence for HIV in gay male couples, and integrating reproductive health issues into HIV care in sub-Saharan Africa. She has also supplemented her research activities with clinical work with HIV-positive people and within the gay community. Dr. Darbes brings extensive conceptual, practical and analytical skill to the Gay Couples Study.


Tor Neilands, Statistical Co-Investigator

Torsten B. Neilands, Ph.D is an Associate Adjunct Professor at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF and directs its Methods Core. He is an expert in structural equation modeling, factor analysis, longitudinal data analysis methods modeling, and analyzing dyadic data. He holds a Master’s Degree equivalent in Quantitative Methods and Psychometrics and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Texas, Austin. He presently serves as a Co-Investigator on a number of epidemiological and behavioral research projects at CAPS. Dr. Neilands serves as senior consulting statistician in conceptualizing the Gay Couples Study’s data analyses and interpreting results. He works closely with the study team to plan the study’s design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation of quantitative results.