Research Projects

Researchers at CREGS conduct projects examining a wide range of subjects, including sexual health, gender equality, health disparities and HIV prevention. The impact of CREGS’ work is far reaching. Our researchers consistently garner professional recognition and our work has contributed significantly to the national and international sexual research agenda.

Current CREGS research projects include:

Access to HIV Prevention and Care Among Rural Latino Immigrants in California

Beyond Bullying Project: Shifting the Discourse of LGBTQ Sexuality and Youth in Schools

A Couple-Level Approach to Preventing Unintended Pregnancy Among Young Latina Women and their Male Partners

Evidence of Being: The Black Gay Cultural Renaissance and the Politics of Violence

The Gay Couples Study

Geospatial Research on HIV Treatments in San Francisco

Our Stories Study

Rise: Research on Inequality, Sexuality, and Education

Sexual and Mental Health Among Trans Feminine Women in Beirut, Lebanon

The Together Study

Transgender Reproductive Health Study

The You & Me Study


Completed research projects include:

Adolescent Perceptions of Risk in Research

The Adolescent Sexuality Project

African American Youth and Sexual Orientation in Context: Popular Culture, Identity Development, and Social Support

The Gay Dads Study

HIV, Gender and Power

Latina and African-American women’s experiences with gender, religion and HIV prevention

La Familia

The Online Health Records Project

Perceptions of Adult Male Circumcision

Proyecto Accesso

Reframing the IUD Initiative

Transgender Risk and HIV