New Study Seeks SM Practitioners to Interview

New Study Seeks SM Practitioners to Interview

SEEKING SM PRACTITIONERS TO INTERVIEW: Seeking BDSMers who use – or have used – sadomasochism to work through lived trauma, and see sadomasochism as an integral part of their own personal healing and recovery from trauma (such as gender, sexual and racial trauma).

My name is Corie Hammers. I teach at Macalester College in the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department. I have been exploring and writing about lesbian/queer public sexual communities for over a decade now, including lesbian/queer BDSM communities. I am a sex-positive queer feminist, and greatly value BDSM as not only an erotic practice providing deep pleasure, but, as per conversations and interviews with SM practitioners, I have come to also understand BDSM as a possible mode of healing and resistance for those who have experienced trauma and abuse.

My current project focuses on links between BDSM and trauma, specifically how some individuals use BDSM to work through their own traumatic experiences. In these instances, BDSM is helping make peoples’ lives more live-able, as the BDSM encounter – in the form of traumatic re-enactments – provides recognition, is a form of witnessing, and can help alleviate the shame that trauma produces. While everyone I have spoken to has described very positive experiences of working through trauma with BDSM play, I would love to also talk to anyone who has made connections between BDSM play and their own traumas, whether or not it has been healing. To be clear: I am in NO way saying BDSM and trauma are connected! Rather, this is merely one way people use BDSM, and some of the most powerful testimonials of resistance through BDSM I have heard are from experienced practitioners who courageously use SM to deal with certain painful events in their lives as part of their own healing process.

This study is IRB-approved and is strictly confidential, as I never use real names in any of my work. I do not claim to be an expert on this topic, instead I see BDSM practitioners as the true experts.

Who is eligible for this study? Those who self-identify as sadomasochists, and are at least 18 years of age.

What would participation entail: a confidential phone conversation lasting approximately one hour.

You can reach me via email at: or message me onFetlife: “Hamdog”