Join our Community Advisory Board for a new study!

Join our Community Advisory Board for a new study!

CREGS is looking for community advisory board members for the new PRIDE Study!

Do you identify as a gay man currently in a relationship, and living in the Bay Area? Are you interested in studies that enhance gay relationships and health?


The PRIDE study is a five-year study focusing on gay couples and men’s health. The PRIDE study will determine if a behavioral intervention will assist gay couples in building the skills they need to improve their sexual and overall health. This study is one of the first in the Bay Area to offer a health promotion program to both members of the couple.

The CAB will provide critical insight for the study regarding community input, diversity, and representation. We are seeking gay men currently in relationships within the San Francisco Bay Area to become CAB members to insure that the PRIDE study is supportive, representative, and community-driven. The majority of CAB responsibilities will occur throughout 2017, with future engagement across the five-year study limited to email input. Approximate hours of involvement are 20 hours over five years. This is a great opportunity to be involved with research in an advisory capacity!

We provide a gift of $50 for each in-person meeting (total = $100) to thank you for your time.

CAB responsibilities include:

1. Two one-hour in-person meetings with study staff to discuss the study and provide input for websites, promotional materials, and recruitment ideas.

2. Help determine the name, logo, and design direction of the study.

3. Check in with study team at 6 month intervals to provide input on study.


If you are interested in joining the CAB, please contact the Study Director, Jay, at: