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Sexuality and Aging

The assumption that sexuality is the province of the young is more than just an outdated idea relegated to media clichés; it is simply wrong. Sexuality is a constant in all people’s lives. It doesn’t turn on or off at a given moment or age, but rather continually matures alongside us, changing and shifting course with each passing day and year.

Sexuality and Disability

Despite what magazines, billboards, television and film would have us believe, sexuality isn’t necessarily relegated to the “able-bodied.” People of all abilities are entitled to sexual wellness and happiness. CREGS believes that moving society closer to understanding the sexual realities of people with disabilities will result in greater freedom and expanded sexual literacy for all of us.

Sexuality and Education

Discussions of sexuality education go beyond a simple debate between abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex ed. How do we learn about our bodies, our sexualities, and behaviors? Where do these messages come from? Here at CREGS we understand that Sexuality Education comes from many difference sources and appears in many different ways.

Sexuality and Gender

What is sex and what is gender and what do these two things have to do with sexual literacy in America? Science has established the enormous variation that exists when it comes to genders, anatomies, sexualities and reproductive capacities, but American society still tries to label people according to very stringent definitions of male or female—and the results are often harmful. Sexually literate approaches to sex and gender focus attention on the entire spectrum of variation and diversity, revealing a complicated and rich picture.

Sexuality and Race

Being sexually literate allows us to take thoughtful stock of and celebrate in our differences, including singular and diverse takes on sexuality. Notions of sexuality and sex have much to do with people’s cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds, in turn affecting much of our sexual decision-making.

Sexual Identities/LGBTQII

Lesbians, gay men, bisexual, queer, transgender, and intersex (LGBTQI) people are still fighting an uphill battle when it comes to the everyday rights assumed by their heterosexual counterparts. Here at the CREGS, we believe that a sexually literate society demands a thorough inclusion of all sexualities, and that healthy sexuality is best supported by full sexual and legal protections for all people.

Sexuality and Health

When most of us talk about sexuality, we are almost always focused on sexual health: from sex education in the classroom, to access to public health services, to STI prevention and management. At CREGS, our vision off healthy sexuality is broader, and does not focus solely on disease prevention or on the medical aspects of sexuality.

Sexual Pleasure

For the most part, sexuality research focuses its energy on issues pertaining to health and disease/pregnancy prevention, social welfare and policy making. And though all of these issues are of great importance, we sometimes forget the other, more pleasing (and pleasurable!) side of sexuality—good, old-fashioned sex! Sexual activity has taken on many misnomers over the years, with presidential exploits and exposed celebrities causing their fair share of sexual moral panics. But it’s time we turned some attention back to what got us all here in the first place!

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