Interview with Cynthia El Khoury

Interview with Cynthia El Khoury

Cynthia El Khoury was a presenter for the Summer Institute on Sexuality: Sexuality, Activism, and Social Change in 2017. Here’s a little more about her work.

cynthiaWho are you, and what is the work you do?

My name is Cynthia El Khoury. I received my MPH in Health Promotion and Community Health from the American University of Beirut. I am working as Research Director of Transaction and Mpowerment: Two community health interventions with and for trans feminine folks and men who have sex with men. The interventions are currently being implemented to the Lebanese context in Beirut.

How does your work address sexuality & social justice?

In the recent years, through my work I have tried to address the intersectionality of sexual health and mental health. Enhancing sexual health and providing sexuality education to beneficiaries  activists and healthcare workers, empowers individuals, enhances self-esteem, increases their sense of agency. My focus has been on redefining consent and asserting body, mind and spiritual boundaries when discussing issues relating to sexuality.

Where is the future of the sexuality fields going?

In light of the global, regional and local come back of conservatism, the sexuality field is facing greater resistance by major players. It is also going back into the hands of the people (especially minorities) who are redefining its notions and away from the reductionist medical lens – or so I hope.

What is one resource (book, film, poet) in the sexuality fields that you highly recommend?

I am re-visiting Sex and Punishment by Eric Berkowitz at the moment and recommend it for those of us who have an interest for history.

What one whimsical thing (book, tv show, youtube channel) do you adore right now? 

Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry is magic.

The 2018 Summer Institute on Sexuality is now accepting proposals for speakers. The theme is Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness; more information and the full call for presenters is on our website.