Student Internships

We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2013 Semester.


Our student internship opportunities offer academic credit for SFSU students. Non-SFSU students may volunteer. Position availability depends on the semester.

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Job Description:

Interns help develop and implement strategies that broadcast the work of CREGS to a wider audience. Interns will deepen writing, outreach, and communications skills, as they learn how to message academic sexuality content for the mainstream population, disseminate and market content, work with web 2.0 tools (including blogs and social networks), build network partnerships, and write and edit project reports, literature reviews, and summaries. Interns will assist resource organization and management. Intern will assist in communication and partnership with national, regional and local outside organizations, both online and face to face, with an emphasis on San Francisco Bay Area community based advocacy organizations (both sexuality-based and mainstream). Interns may assist with needs assessment, event planning, or program/curriculum development. Interns may have the opportunity to represent the CREGS at local meetings, conferences, events and exhibitions.

Focus Areas for FALL 2013:

Grants & Development

The nonprofit sector is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing areas of the U.S. workforce. The economic downturn has led a growing number of creative problem solvers to turn to community-based organizations and other nonprofit organizations to work in their desired field. This internship will provide the tools needed to navigate the nonprofit sector’s biggest challenge: funding and sustainability. The intern will work closely with CREGS Development Director, Justin Keller to perform prospect research on major institutional donors and foundations; build grant-writing skills by developing, planning, and drafting initial letters of intent to funders; learn how to organize development information into a database; and assist with communications and social marketing for the Center. Applicants must have a strong background in writing. Comfort with Microsoft Office Suite, including Access, is preferred.

For Grants & Development Internship questions please contact:

Justin Keller,


Study Outreach/Recruitment

This internship involves learning/conducting aspects of street outreach and recruitment of potential participants specifically for research studies. Aspects include but not limited to: engaging potential participants on the streets, in bars, events and activities. The intern will work alongside additional team of recruiters adhering to flexible schedule set by the Recruitment Coordinator. Experience in outreach, conducting presentations, communication, and being outgoing/personable are essential.  The intern must also be comfortable in various settings – bars, clubs, canvassing the streets, and working in different neighborhoods.

For the Study Recruitment Internship questions please contact:

Terry Dyer,


Events & Social Media 

This internship involves learning how to plan and execute various center events, including our Gender and Sexuality Seminar Series and our annual Summer Institute on Sexuality. This Intern will work with center staff to coordinate logistics, advertise, and prepare for center events. Interns will have the opportunity to offer creative input and possibly organize an event on the topic of their choice. This intern will also represent CREGS at on campus events via event tabling and flyer distribution. This intern will also learn and use social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, website) to publicize the center events. By the end of this internship students should demonstrate the ability  to represent a sexuality and gender research and education center through outreach to regional and local organizations (with emphasis on San Francisco Bay Area community based organizations), through online and face-to-face communication with researchers, educators and other guest lecturers, and through creative development of advertising and outreach materials. Experience in blogging or writing for social media is preferred.

For Event Coordination Internship questions please contact:

Tobie Kaye,


SF LGBT Speakers Bureau

This internship involves working with a local community based organization, the San Francisco LGBTQ Speakers Bureau, on a variety of outreach and community building projects.  The SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau is a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) identified people that speak to students in junior high, high school, college, and other institutions in order to prevent LGBTQ violence and harassment and to create safer and more inclusive environments.  This intern will work independently at the CREGS office under the supervision of the SF Speakers Bureau Program Director and Development & Administrative Coordinator to increase the number of SFUSD middle and high schools we serve and strengthen our presence at schools where we currently present.  The intern will reach out to teachers and other relevant groups to increase awareness of our services and solicit recommendations for new speaking opportunities.  They will be responsible for identifying and approaching local community based organizations with a vested interest in our work and performing a variety of other outreach and administrative tasks including managing social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.  The intern will gain experience in many facets involved with running a local non-profit organization and will have the opportunity to develop and execute their own projects.  Applicants must be comfortable working independently, possess dynamic social and organizational skills, and be social media savvy.

For SF LGBT Speakers Bureau Internship questions please contact:



Other Key Responsibilities:

Job Skills:

Terms of Internship:

Internships will last one academic semester and are limited to current San Francisco State University students. Each intern will receive 3 academic units upon the completion of the internship. Academic credit would be given in the form of SXS 699 (for undergraduates) or SXS 724 (for graduates) class. Academic work would be supervised by a faculty member in the Department of Sexuality Studies and staff at CREGS. Interns are expected to devote a minimum of 10 hours a week to their work. At the end of the internship, interns will develop a written reflections and oral presentation including reflections of their work and suggestions about the projects they worked on at the CREGS. Current interns may reapply for the following semester’s internship program.

To Apply:

General applications are accepted each semester: Fall applications are due by August 15, Spring applications are due by January 1, and Summer applications are due by May 15.

*Summer internships are run through the college of extended learning which has a higher cost per unit.

Applications should be sent to and should include:

Graduate and undergraduate students from San Francisco State University interested in more specifc research involvement with CREGS should contact the Principal Investigator of the specific study the student is interested in. Visit our research projects page for a list of current CREGS research faculty and projects.